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In the last several weeks, I've found an Ozil jersey from last season, a Raul jersey from 2007-2008, and a really nifty RM shirt. Good haul, Em, good haul.

Also, HI! I know I've been absent. I've had things in my head that I've wanted to post and talk about, but never ended up doing it. As with most absences, I was still around to read fairly often, but was incredibly lazy with posting. Work has been draining but rewarding, and now that Problem Client is gone, it's been more rewarding than not. At the same time, if I don't take a day soon, I'm going to get burnt out real fast. To be honest, the company is one where, if I didn't like what I was doing, I wouldn't recommend the job. The bureaucracy, red tape, and general ridiculousness drives me up the wall. But right now, I've been here six months and don't want to leave, so that's something.
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I forgot that I hadn't posted it here, but I have a job! And it's even in my field! I now work for Mosaic Community Services, a non-profit specializing in mental health and addiction. I'm a psychiatric rehabilitation counselor (not a therapist, so I don't have to be licensed), running groups and managing a case load of 18 people. My big job is running the groups, but I also work with my 18 clients to come up with goals and help them try to reach them. I've been working for 3 weeks (tomorrow is my fourth Monday there) and I'm already a little worn down. I understand even more now why there's so much burnout and such a high turn over rate in this field.

Currently watching the USA v. El Salvador right now. If I could, I would be downtown watching it live (because it's at our football field, dammit!), but I already got to go to the USA v. Germany friendly in DC at the beginning of June.

I also recently rewatched the entirety of Kamen Rider Double/W, and finally finished Kamen Rider OOO. I'd put it off for so long, and I was appropriately heart broken by the ending. Also, I've become a huge fan of Miura Ryosuke because of this. I've seen a bit of Fourze, but I'm not as interested in it or Wizard as I was with the other two. I'll give them a chance, though.
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I'm having a really rough time getting off one of my anti-depressants. I was slowly weaned off over six weeks, but when I stopped, I suddenly was so dizzy, constantly, every day, to the point where I can feel it in my teeth and that doesn't even make sense. It comes in waves, pretty much in time with my pulse, so I guess it's like that because there are capillaries that go to the teeth? I've also been unable to eat anything without feeling like I want to throw up, or having this incredible twisting pain in my gut. That has thankfully receded, mostly, but I would still like to be able to stand up without almost blacking out. It's been two weeks since I stopped, this should be over by now!

The only silver lining is that my mood is mostly stable (I am on another medication, so it should be picking up the slack fine), though I have noticed I'll cry more easily.


Apr. 22nd, 2013 05:04 pm
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First sunburn of the year. We went to visit my brother down in Annapolis for one of his college events (the annual croquet match between St. John's and the Naval Academy), and I didn't wear sunscreen because I didn't think it would be so bright. And now I am paying for it /o\.
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Honestly almost threw up during the Champions League match today!!!

I will say upfront that I was surprised Nani got a red card, but I don't think it's entirely unjustified. That was dangerous play, no argument. When the same thing happened in the World Cup final, I thought that should have been a red (despite the fact that I wanted Spain to lose for beating Germany). I don't believe Nani meant to hit Arbeloa (like De Jong did, I feel), but the ref isn't inside his head, and a studs up karate kick to the chest should have serious consequences. I was surprised, though, especially since De Jong got away with a yellow in South Africa.

But whatever! I'll be over here in my corner yelling that we totally could have come back and won even without the card. We were looking livelier, and I think the goal definitely woke us up. A substantial amount of the game was played in United's half. And I think it says something that even their goal was scored by us. They had a multitude of chances, even with 10 men, and the finishing was lacking. Plus, Diego Lopez was a godsend. I love Adan, and he's pulled through for us before, but I don't really think he could have made all of those saves.
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The motto of our house: "Don't yell at me, I'm yelling at you now!"

Discovered this morning when my cat and I were having a small disagreement.
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I think I'm mostly pissed because all of my bookmarks are gone? And I'm extremely OCD (like, diagnosed and everything), and to have lost everything I organized and know that there are sites and stories I really liked out there that I'll never remember by myself is actually really upsetting to me. I know it's such a small thing, and incredibly petty, I suppose, but I can't stop being upset about it.

Doesn't help that I'm getting more crap about not having a job. I've started looking harder than before, but so few people are hiring. I think my last job at the restaurant scarred me, so I'm not looking to be a waitress again, but I'm almost starting to think that we might be at the point of last resorts.

Oh well. I'm going to NYC this weekend with two of my friends to spend President's Day holiday with our other friend from middle school. It makes me old to think I've known them for 12 years. I'm just looking to get out of the house, and break myself out of the bad mood funk, so I'm excited :)
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So, Google Chrome managed to get deleted off my hard drive. I'm back to using Firefox, which I had been for a little bit because my computer is apparently too old to get updates from Google? It's only 5 years old, so it's really annoying, but it meant that I couldn't use flashplayer at all in Chrome. I tried to update it, it wouldn't take, and now I don't have it at all.

Ugh. I hate technology.
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So, we've figured out that one of my conditions comes with an allergy to sulfates? Especially those in shampoos, apparently, because I have these bad breakouts along my hairline. Wonderful, yet another thing to look out for.

I've gotten a third of the way through The Hobbit, so I've gotten up to Beorn. This is not my first time reading it, but I'm having trouble finishing this time. I don't know why. I'm enjoying it while reading, but I don't have the push to pick it up and continue the next day. I hope it's just because I don't want to get to the end, not because I'm going into a slump or anything...
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My father is starting the new year off by trying to learn the fiddle. We'll see how this goes.

I hope everyone had a good first week! We spent most of our time with family, and the rest just lazing about, which is good now because my brother got me sick. Oy. I've seen The Hobbit 3 times, and am planning on seeing it again :). My obsession with LotR never really died, just hibernated, and now it is rising as a Balrog awoken in the shadows. Good luck to the people who have to deal with me.
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Got to watch Miracle last night!! I don't talk about it much, but one of my absolute favorite stories is the Miracle on Ice game against the Soviets in 1980, and the movie Miracle became one of my favorites as soon as I saw it. One of the few ones I managed to get my entire family to watch with me. My mom and I watched it last night, but I got so frustrated with some of the places they put commercials. Ugh. Thank god I have the blu-ray. But yeah. Now I'm in a hockey mood, and there's the damn lockout.
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I know it's late (a month late for any Canadians), but I'd like to wish my followers a happy Thanksgiving! I haven't been the healthiest this year, and I've definitely become an even bigger introvert, but I have my family, I have my friends, I have my cats, my parents have jobs (even if my mom's is pending), and I have my teams, which I alternatively think of as a blessing and a curse. You should have heard me yesterday when Rafa came to Chelsea, I didn't know whether to smile or cry, because will this be a success or just make LFC fans hate Chelsea (I like both, can't I just be happy?!) Anyway! I also graduated, so I definitely think we're at a net positive :).
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I'm still so tired for staying up so late last night! With the dishes and other chores, I didn't go to bed until past 4. This wouldn't have been a problem, previously, but I've actually had a decent sleep schedule recently (meaning I go to bed at around 1...). But Maryland approved same-sex marriage!!! We'd technically already had a law on the books, but when it passed, the religious right protested so much and got Congresspeople behind them, so the Governor and Congress agreed to let it go to referendum. And we became the first state to ratify a law by popular vote! We also passed the DREAM Act, so that's good news for students of illegal immigrants. I just... I could have cried when I changed the channel and saw that Obama had reached 274 electoral votes. My dad actually did get choked up. We were honestly so scared about the way the country would have gone if Mitt Romney were elected. It wouldn't have been terrible if it were the Romney of 8 years ago, though I still would have preferred Obama. But the Tea Party has the Republican party hostage, and it's been sick watching the TPs get more and more power. Who knows, Obama has nothing to lose now. Maybe he'll just bulldoze forward and drag Congress along behind him...

Games today: Chelsea vs. Shaktar Donetsk, DC United vs. NY Red Bulls postponed until tomorrow because of blizzard conditions, Sporting Kansas City vs. Houston Dynamo came on in it's place, and LA Galaxy vs. SJ Earthquakes. Chelsea was a fucking amazing game, and Torres scored! He had a couple really promising moments throughout the game, but the Shaktar players just swarmed him. They were top quality tonight, which surprised me, because, Ukraine? Ukraine doesn't have an impressive league. But they were great, really took it to Chelsea and the match was really a tug of war. And then I turned on the MLS Cup matches...
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This election is driving me to the edge. I can't stand waiting with baited breath for our next leader to be announced. It's killing me. I voted last week, and now it's all coming to a head...

Small rant

Nov. 3rd, 2012 09:46 pm
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I love DC United and LA Galaxy, but I swear, I can't wait to see when MLS actually gets to the level of European soccer. It's good for us that we're bringing in talent like Beckham, Henry, and Arnie Friedrich, even if they are older, and we are keeping players like Landon Donovan, who feel loyal to MLS and want it to succeed, because we need that quality. But I can't take it seriously when the form is so... not there sometimes. Other times, it can be pretty good, like with LA Galaxy, they're rather consistent, but they aren't MY team.

Sorry, I'm watching the MLS Cup Playoffs - Eastern Conference Semifinal Leg 1 - and just really wanting DC to have more consistent form. It hurts how often if can falter.

Oh, and Real's win today? Sweeeet. But Cristiano was pissed at the end :(. He was unlucky, especially during the first half, but I think he was more furious at himself than anything. Uuugh, baby!
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Stopping in to say I haven't died. I'm still here; senior year of college wiped me, but I graduated. Bachelor of Arts in psychology and music, bam! And I've been looking for a job for 5 months...

All the part-time jobs have turned me down, and the really good research assistant position at a hospital downtown had people a lot more qualified (since people with Masters are going for them). So, yeah, still looking. Meanwhile, I'm watching soccer. Baseball season is over (don't tALK TO ME, THE ORIOLES SHOULD HAVE GONE TO THE ALCS!) and hockey is in a lockout (it's not like we get anything other than the NHL over here, so no European teams or anything), so Real Madrid and Chelsea are getting all my time.

It's a sad, lonely life, I know.
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So, we (the bro and I) had an interesting time Thursday night. Got to the theater around 11 or so, and were let in in about 5 minutes. We did have to stand out in the rain (luckily, the torrential thunderstorm had cooled off by then, thanks, Thor), but the line moved impressively quickly.

That’s about where the good organization ended.

We were told to go to a different theater than the one on our tickets, supposedly because it was the next one available for seating. So we waited for 40 minutes for the movie to start, but 10 minutes before showtime, two ushers come in, and are like “so, we’re aiming for this movie to start at 12.45.”

Excuse me?

But we waited, because seriously, TDKR. So 12.45 slowly rolled around, waiting another hour was quite fun. And then 12.45 passed. So one woman comes back into the theater to her seat and says to the people surrounding her, yeah, the usher told her that they didn’t expect the movie to start until 1.30 or 1.45.

At this point, it was prudent to call the family and say we might have to be picked up late. Another man who was sitting right behind us went out to talk to them, and when he came back, he said that they assured him that the movie would start in 5 or 10 minutes. I am fairly sure it’s because they didn’t want to anger him. Because at 1.15, another usher comes in and announces that the movie won’t start until 2 AM.

Seriously? Seriously?! We couldn’t wait that long! Both my brother and I just wanted to cry, but we had to call and say that we were coming home.

And what happens 2 minutes after we get in line for a refund? It’s announced that another theater, the one right behind the lines, had just come online, and the trailers were starting.

Needless to say, we raced in.

AND IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go back to that theater for a long time, but honestly, that movie was awesome. I know Christopher Nolan doesn’t have the best track record with women characters, but Catwoman kicks serious ass, and totally enjoys being female while doing it. I loved her. She was sassy, she was smart, and she looked out for herself, even after she fell for Bruce Wayne. It was awesome. And the others, John Blake, Bane, Miranda Tate - jesus, I can’t say anything without spoiling, but Bane is absolutely terrifying, and very believable, while Miranda navigates her way skillfully through Gotham, and John Blake questions orders, puts patterns together, and believes in the Batman. The Batman himself, Bruce Wayne, is at once hopeful and pigheaded, but not closed off to learning and improving himself. He’s a sympathetic character, without losing what keeps him Bruce Wayne.

Go see this movie!
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So, it's been a little over two months since I graduated, and I still am not sure I've really realized I'm not going back in the fall. I'm kind of living in almost suspended animation - I don't have a job, though I've been offered a chance to run a paid blog, and I'm not really doing anything during the day except relaxing. I suppose after going to school for 16 years straight that I deserve a bit of a break? There's also, like, no one hiring in our area, so it's a bit hard to find paid employment. I'm not looking to volunteer, unless it's as an extra thing to paid employment. I need to start actually saving, trying to plan for the future, I suppose.

I turned 22 two weeks ago, so I'm an actual adult now? Pssh, all 20-somethings can still be kids. Hope everyone's had a good couple months! I know I wasn't here, since I was in the middle of finishing my thesis and preparing for my recital!


May. 2nd, 2012 02:09 am
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Clocking in at almost 30 pages, my honors thesis is officially revised and submitted. My last final got finished at 10.10, and my write-up to react to my minor is just now completed. I am officially done my work as an undergrad.

I have no idea of what to do with myself now...
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My thesis is due in 2 months. I have my 4 music pieces picked out, now I just need to get people to take the study. My hope is that I’d have at least 20 people for each group, but with people listening to music, answering a survey, and doing a TAT (Thematic Appreception Test), it’ll take 10-15 minutes for each person to do, depending on how quickly they create a scenario for the TAT. And then I have to grade them. Twice, if I want to achieve plausible reliability for the TAT, because that’s a subjective test, and I need to know that whatever I’m thinking on a certain day doesn’t bleed through to the grading. And after that, I get to convert all the data and enter it into SPSS so that the program can run statistics for me. It’ll be a long road, and that’s not even taking into account my other classes or practicing for my recital, which is on April 14th. My head hurts just thinking about this…

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