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Tell me people watch Sherlock!

Saw the first episode of the second season yesterday with my dad, and it was amazing :). Irene Adler is a new girl crush. I'm actually glad she didn't really die, as I'm pretty sure she didn't die in the books. And making her a dominatrix who grabs the monarchy by the balls? Perfect. Her teaming up with Moriarty is similar to the RDJude movies, along with the way Sherlock mapped out a fight in his head before it actually occurred. This show is definitely more faithful to the books, even though it's set in modern times. Both of the versions have a great relationship between Holmes and Watson, though. And very slashable. In the series, however, there are definitely signs to Sherlock being portrayed as asexual, which I would be all for. Just because he's ace doesn't mean he can't be attracted to Irene or John or whoever.

I will admit that, however priceless the pool scene was, I was wishing for some type of big showdown. I suppose their waiting to pull all the stops out for when they do The Final Game episode at Reichenbach. Oh, this show! Perfect series is perfect.

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