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I've been restarting my exercise routine over the last week, and I'm definitely feeling it. I'm now 7 days into this "squat challenge" thing that gets you up to 200 squats in 4 weeks. Today I did 80. I'm also trying to run more, and found ab workout exercises that actually make me feel sore afterwards. I'm starting to think I've never used my ab muscles before in my life.

Travel shit is still ongoing. My friend has taken over trying to bully the airline, since I've been fighting with everyone since we started planning the trip, so thank fuck for her. We're pretty sure that our other friend is not talking to us at the moment, because she was the hold out who said that we should still go. She wasn't allowed to go alone after we pulled out, though, so I'm thinking that she checked out and is letting us handle it since we messed things up for her, or something. I... don't really care, though, since I'd rather be dealing with trouble like this than be over there at the moment. The West Bank is getting more and more violent, and this conflict is not ending any time soon.

We don't know much more about how my client died. The last I heard, it was a heart attack, but they weren't sure. There hasn't been a memorial planned yet, though Crisis has said that they want to have something. The PRP might do a memorial for several clients that died within the last year, which would be nice. Nothing concrete as of yet.

Watching Real Madrid at the moment. The good thing is that this trophy doesn't matter, and if we had to lose a trophy, I'd definitely want it to be this one. Bad thing is, I also thought we were the better team against Inter and Roma, so the fact that we are losing sucks. I really want the season to start :(.
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Had a heating pad on my back since I got home at 4. My lower back has been spasming since 10:30 or so this morning.

I have a training tomorrow, so I won't have any groups, which means no paperwork for me to do until Monday. I'm so happy :). Paperwork (and all the bureaucracy and redundancies that go with it) is easily the worst thing about this job.

Still over the moon that Madrid did not let in any goals for the month of January!!!
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Apparently MD was not prepared for the snow today. Work was closed, but whenever that happens, the rehab counselors get assigned to go to different group houses to work during the day. Getting there was fine because it hadn't started snowing yet, but at the end of my shift, I took two of the clients out to the CVS to get cigarettes and coffee and such. Off and on the entire way there and back, there was this horrible grinding and a light kept blinking on my dash. I seemed to lose all traction at those points. When going around a corner at something like 5mph, I fishtailed and thought I would either hit the car waiting for the light or end up in someone's front yard. As it is, one of the cars in that line honked at me, like I couldn't figure out for myself that this wasn't what the car was supposed to be doing.

I told my dad what happened, and he first thought we needed to get it to the shop, but after he read the manual and tried it himself, he thinks that it was the anti-lock brake system and the traction control coming on and making it sound like the engine was dying. Apparently a normal sound. I'm still kind of queasy and shaky from the drive, despite the fact that it was close to six hours ago. I just remember it and all the anxiety comes rushing back. Ugh.

On the plus side, Real Madrid has not conceded a goal this year and we keep winning! And Chelsea won, but Torres got hurt and now I'm sad again.
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Honestly almost threw up during the Champions League match today!!!

I will say upfront that I was surprised Nani got a red card, but I don't think it's entirely unjustified. That was dangerous play, no argument. When the same thing happened in the World Cup final, I thought that should have been a red (despite the fact that I wanted Spain to lose for beating Germany). I don't believe Nani meant to hit Arbeloa (like De Jong did, I feel), but the ref isn't inside his head, and a studs up karate kick to the chest should have serious consequences. I was surprised, though, especially since De Jong got away with a yellow in South Africa.

But whatever! I'll be over here in my corner yelling that we totally could have come back and won even without the card. We were looking livelier, and I think the goal definitely woke us up. A substantial amount of the game was played in United's half. And I think it says something that even their goal was scored by us. They had a multitude of chances, even with 10 men, and the finishing was lacking. Plus, Diego Lopez was a godsend. I love Adan, and he's pulled through for us before, but I don't really think he could have made all of those saves.
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I will kiss Varane on the lips, no lie. My stream died, only for me to get a new one JUST AFTER FCB SCORED. I was so pissed.
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Varane is proving his worth, that's all I can say. He and Carvalho work well together. Even if this isn't our usual starting defense, they're no slouches against Barca.
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Ok, well at least Madrid is starting out strong. It's just 90 minutes, Emily, we can do it.
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I’m shaking, I’m so nervous! God, why another clasico? ”Never loses it’s luster,” REALLY. I got over these a long time ago, just saying.

These commentators just can't get enough of this, and I just want it to be over.
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Ahhh, that Champions League game almost killed me! It sucked how Cristiano really couldn't get on the ball without 5 players surrounding him. I do wish that the commentators would stop talking about how the egos on the team cause trouble, when, guess what, the "journalists" and commentators are the ones trying to create headlines and problems. And I wish that they would stop exaggerating Ronaldo's reactions. He never threw a tantrum, he's not a child. He does yell, he does gesticulate, but using words like tantrum just helps spread the idea that he's immature, and he's not. That's not what his behavior shows. Ugh. Make it stop.

But, yeah, Borussia was just everywhere, and we didn't wake up until the 2nd half. We were sloppy, and Higuain shouldn't have been out there. Maybe he hurt himself when he challenged the goalkeeper in the opening minutes, who knows. Thankfully, the 2nd half brought Callejon and Kaka to liven things up, and make the game beautiful again.

Small rant

Nov. 3rd, 2012 09:46 pm
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I love DC United and LA Galaxy, but I swear, I can't wait to see when MLS actually gets to the level of European soccer. It's good for us that we're bringing in talent like Beckham, Henry, and Arnie Friedrich, even if they are older, and we are keeping players like Landon Donovan, who feel loyal to MLS and want it to succeed, because we need that quality. But I can't take it seriously when the form is so... not there sometimes. Other times, it can be pretty good, like with LA Galaxy, they're rather consistent, but they aren't MY team.

Sorry, I'm watching the MLS Cup Playoffs - Eastern Conference Semifinal Leg 1 - and just really wanting DC to have more consistent form. It hurts how often if can falter.

Oh, and Real's win today? Sweeeet. But Cristiano was pissed at the end :(. He was unlucky, especially during the first half, but I think he was more furious at himself than anything. Uuugh, baby!

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