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Emily ([personal profile] emilita) wrote2014-08-20 10:34 pm
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Job drama

Urrrrgggh everyone at work is leaving or moving on :/. My boss is moving to Timonium, my coworker S is (probably) getting a promotion, my coworker J1 who got a promotion in March is possibly going for my boss’ position (which would be good for both him and us), and one of the people who was from Johns Hopkins moved to NC :/.

It could potentially be good for me? My boss recommended that I try for J1’s position if he gets hers, but… IDK. It would be a huge increase in responsibility, and I have no idea if I could handle it. It would, on the other hand, be a $.50 difference from what I will be making after the raise in October. And, potentially, a $1.50 difference.

But still… responsibility and stress… And this is only if he actually goes for the boss’ job. I hate decisions. S is currently stressing so much about whether she should take the offered promotion, too, and I feel bad for her because I know precisely how she feels. And, also, because we were telling her that she wasn’t allowed to leave us, and now she’s not sure if she should take this, or wait to see if she can go for J1’s position.

We had a fight today, but I was not present for it because the boss, J2, and me were out picking up lunch. It ended with a guy bloody, so I’m sorry I missed it. Especially because this was the same guy that got his ass kicked a month or so ago by another client, because he keeps threatening people, and many of the people at the program have experienced stuff like that in the past and had it actually be followed through. So, while the whole physical violence thing is Not Cool, I also have trouble blaming either of the other clients. You do have to take mental illness in on both sides, though, even though all of the people involved have the capacity to know what they did was inappropriate.

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