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Emily ([personal profile] emilita) wrote2014-07-28 05:09 pm
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I need to calm down. At this point I feel ready to burn everything to the ground

I went into total panic mode this morning, since I got an email from my travel agent asking for a final decision on if I wanted to cancel. I've wanted to cancel since last Tuesday and have said so in every email. I made an inquiry as to whether it would be smart to wait and see if flights were suspended again, but still maintained that we wanted to cancel the tickets. We did not want to go, that was the consistent message, though I'm regretting ever asking the question, no matter what my family recommended. So I was stressing for three hours until I finally had to call Jerusalem and make sure that he got my email, since his message said that today was the deadline for cancellation. He never got back to the emails I'd sent over the previous three hours, and apparently did not check his email. He did say that he was still working with the airline for refunds if at all possible, but I'm not bothering to get my hopes up at this point. My biggest problem with the voucher, along with having to actually set foot in an airplane, is that he made it sound that it could only be used on flights to Israel, which I was told by others was not the case. Hopefully, with the vouchers, I won't have to go through a travel agent, because so much of my stress has been over having a middle man and miscommunication over email. I need this to be over. I needed it to be over last week.

On the bright side, the trailer for The Hobbit: BoFA came out, and I don't feel like death after exercising yesterday.