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Emily ([personal profile] emilita) wrote2014-01-21 09:49 pm

Had the worst driving experience of my life today

Apparently MD was not prepared for the snow today. Work was closed, but whenever that happens, the rehab counselors get assigned to go to different group houses to work during the day. Getting there was fine because it hadn't started snowing yet, but at the end of my shift, I took two of the clients out to the CVS to get cigarettes and coffee and such. Off and on the entire way there and back, there was this horrible grinding and a light kept blinking on my dash. I seemed to lose all traction at those points. When going around a corner at something like 5mph, I fishtailed and thought I would either hit the car waiting for the light or end up in someone's front yard. As it is, one of the cars in that line honked at me, like I couldn't figure out for myself that this wasn't what the car was supposed to be doing.

I told my dad what happened, and he first thought we needed to get it to the shop, but after he read the manual and tried it himself, he thinks that it was the anti-lock brake system and the traction control coming on and making it sound like the engine was dying. Apparently a normal sound. I'm still kind of queasy and shaky from the drive, despite the fact that it was close to six hours ago. I just remember it and all the anxiety comes rushing back. Ugh.

On the plus side, Real Madrid has not conceded a goal this year and we keep winning! And Chelsea won, but Torres got hurt and now I'm sad again.

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