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I'm following what's happening in Ferguson right now, and I'm getting sick to my stomach. Unrestrained use of force, media blackout, ignoring civil rights, reports of martial law being enacted... This is disgusting. The FAA has declared a no-fly zone over Ferguson (which means that there can be no news helicopters), reporters are being jailed, the media has been ordered to leave the city, and the governor of Missouri is MIA. His wife referred to the people protesting as 'feral.' All this because people wanted answers about why an unarmed teenage boy was killed, and then his body left for 4 hours. Disgusting.

Holy shit

Jan. 25th, 2014 02:12 pm
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There was a shooting in the Mall of Columbia with three dead and four in the hospital. My dad and I were trying to get there today for lunch, but ended up going to a place in Catonsville. I just hope that no one I know was there. My thoughts are with the family of the victims and others there.
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Slightly amusing that after I post on LJ about how well work has been going, I then experience one of the craziest days. On Monday, four of us (one was out on holiday) were cleaning up various bodily expulsions from around 9 AM to 1 PM. I have a deal with another coworker (H) that I don't clean up poop and she doesn't clean up vomit, so I was off the hook for the morning anyway, but then the guy of the group (J1) stepped up and took care of downstairs. It was three people shitting themselves in a 20 minute period, with one of them also peeing on themselves and the second also vomiting. An hour before, one of those people had also had an accident on the first floor that H cleaned up. I was on call at 1 when the second person who had had an accident and thrown up on herself in the basement then threw up again on the first floor. To her credit, she tried to clean it up herself, but only succeeded in widening the area I had to clean. After dealing with the scheduling mishaps that came from at least one person having to clean most of the day, I was ready to jump in the shower and not come out.

So naturally we (the three ladies: H, S, and me) went out drinking to try and forget everything, and the person next to us at the bar said (very loudly) that she had been raped by the ocean.

I don't know what my life is anymore, but I'm pretty sure someone must be filming everything somewhere.
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I think I'm mostly pissed because all of my bookmarks are gone? And I'm extremely OCD (like, diagnosed and everything), and to have lost everything I organized and know that there are sites and stories I really liked out there that I'll never remember by myself is actually really upsetting to me. I know it's such a small thing, and incredibly petty, I suppose, but I can't stop being upset about it.

Doesn't help that I'm getting more crap about not having a job. I've started looking harder than before, but so few people are hiring. I think my last job at the restaurant scarred me, so I'm not looking to be a waitress again, but I'm almost starting to think that we might be at the point of last resorts.

Oh well. I'm going to NYC this weekend with two of my friends to spend President's Day holiday with our other friend from middle school. It makes me old to think I've known them for 12 years. I'm just looking to get out of the house, and break myself out of the bad mood funk, so I'm excited :)
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So, Google Chrome managed to get deleted off my hard drive. I'm back to using Firefox, which I had been for a little bit because my computer is apparently too old to get updates from Google? It's only 5 years old, so it's really annoying, but it meant that I couldn't use flashplayer at all in Chrome. I tried to update it, it wouldn't take, and now I don't have it at all.

Ugh. I hate technology.
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I honestly feel so sick over what is happening in Gaza right now. My best friend on the West Bank says that shit's been happening there, too. The Israeli government is just unreasonable these days, to the point where they've been deporting legal African immigrants who've made Israel their home. And now Israel's cut off all communications to and from Gaza. Why would they feel the need to do that unless they were planning on doing something the international community would object to? I could say I'm angry, but I'm not, it's something beyond that. I just can't stand the world right now.

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