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So, we (the bro and I) had an interesting time Thursday night. Got to the theater around 11 or so, and were let in in about 5 minutes. We did have to stand out in the rain (luckily, the torrential thunderstorm had cooled off by then, thanks, Thor), but the line moved impressively quickly.

That’s about where the good organization ended.

We were told to go to a different theater than the one on our tickets, supposedly because it was the next one available for seating. So we waited for 40 minutes for the movie to start, but 10 minutes before showtime, two ushers come in, and are like “so, we’re aiming for this movie to start at 12.45.”

Excuse me?

But we waited, because seriously, TDKR. So 12.45 slowly rolled around, waiting another hour was quite fun. And then 12.45 passed. So one woman comes back into the theater to her seat and says to the people surrounding her, yeah, the usher told her that they didn’t expect the movie to start until 1.30 or 1.45.

At this point, it was prudent to call the family and say we might have to be picked up late. Another man who was sitting right behind us went out to talk to them, and when he came back, he said that they assured him that the movie would start in 5 or 10 minutes. I am fairly sure it’s because they didn’t want to anger him. Because at 1.15, another usher comes in and announces that the movie won’t start until 2 AM.

Seriously? Seriously?! We couldn’t wait that long! Both my brother and I just wanted to cry, but we had to call and say that we were coming home.

And what happens 2 minutes after we get in line for a refund? It’s announced that another theater, the one right behind the lines, had just come online, and the trailers were starting.

Needless to say, we raced in.

AND IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go back to that theater for a long time, but honestly, that movie was awesome. I know Christopher Nolan doesn’t have the best track record with women characters, but Catwoman kicks serious ass, and totally enjoys being female while doing it. I loved her. She was sassy, she was smart, and she looked out for herself, even after she fell for Bruce Wayne. It was awesome. And the others, John Blake, Bane, Miranda Tate - jesus, I can’t say anything without spoiling, but Bane is absolutely terrifying, and very believable, while Miranda navigates her way skillfully through Gotham, and John Blake questions orders, puts patterns together, and believes in the Batman. The Batman himself, Bruce Wayne, is at once hopeful and pigheaded, but not closed off to learning and improving himself. He’s a sympathetic character, without losing what keeps him Bruce Wayne.

Go see this movie!

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