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I know it's late (a month late for any Canadians), but I'd like to wish my followers a happy Thanksgiving! I haven't been the healthiest this year, and I've definitely become an even bigger introvert, but I have my family, I have my friends, I have my cats, my parents have jobs (even if my mom's is pending), and I have my teams, which I alternatively think of as a blessing and a curse. You should have heard me yesterday when Rafa came to Chelsea, I didn't know whether to smile or cry, because will this be a success or just make LFC fans hate Chelsea (I like both, can't I just be happy?!) Anyway! I also graduated, so I definitely think we're at a net positive :).
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Stopping in to say I haven't died. I'm still here; senior year of college wiped me, but I graduated. Bachelor of Arts in psychology and music, bam! And I've been looking for a job for 5 months...

All the part-time jobs have turned me down, and the really good research assistant position at a hospital downtown had people a lot more qualified (since people with Masters are going for them). So, yeah, still looking. Meanwhile, I'm watching soccer. Baseball season is over (don't tALK TO ME, THE ORIOLES SHOULD HAVE GONE TO THE ALCS!) and hockey is in a lockout (it's not like we get anything other than the NHL over here, so no European teams or anything), so Real Madrid and Chelsea are getting all my time.

It's a sad, lonely life, I know.
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So, it's been a little over two months since I graduated, and I still am not sure I've really realized I'm not going back in the fall. I'm kind of living in almost suspended animation - I don't have a job, though I've been offered a chance to run a paid blog, and I'm not really doing anything during the day except relaxing. I suppose after going to school for 16 years straight that I deserve a bit of a break? There's also, like, no one hiring in our area, so it's a bit hard to find paid employment. I'm not looking to volunteer, unless it's as an extra thing to paid employment. I need to start actually saving, trying to plan for the future, I suppose.

I turned 22 two weeks ago, so I'm an actual adult now? Pssh, all 20-somethings can still be kids. Hope everyone's had a good couple months! I know I wasn't here, since I was in the middle of finishing my thesis and preparing for my recital!


May. 2nd, 2012 02:09 am
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Clocking in at almost 30 pages, my honors thesis is officially revised and submitted. My last final got finished at 10.10, and my write-up to react to my minor is just now completed. I am officially done my work as an undergrad.

I have no idea of what to do with myself now...
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My thesis is due in 2 months. I have my 4 music pieces picked out, now I just need to get people to take the study. My hope is that I’d have at least 20 people for each group, but with people listening to music, answering a survey, and doing a TAT (Thematic Appreception Test), it’ll take 10-15 minutes for each person to do, depending on how quickly they create a scenario for the TAT. And then I have to grade them. Twice, if I want to achieve plausible reliability for the TAT, because that’s a subjective test, and I need to know that whatever I’m thinking on a certain day doesn’t bleed through to the grading. And after that, I get to convert all the data and enter it into SPSS so that the program can run statistics for me. It’ll be a long road, and that’s not even taking into account my other classes or practicing for my recital, which is on April 14th. My head hurts just thinking about this…
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This is the first time in years I've practiced upwards of 2 hours a day for several consecutive days (almost a week), and my wrist and thumb have thrown in the towel. They're revolting. For that matter, I've probably lost my mind; it's up and vacated the premises. My life right now is a little wild...

Also, I now have an alum shirt. And ordered my cap and gown. I feel old.

Life Ruiner

Feb. 5th, 2012 04:52 pm
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School. School is a life ruiner.

I'm doing my second thesis this semester (and don't get me started on the ridiculousness of having to do two), and I'm stretched so thin trying to figure out my defense and then balance that with my flute recital, then balanced with the three other major classes I'm taking and all the small performance credits. My hair is falling out, and this time, I know it's not from medication. FML.

I love my friends, though. These last four years have given me some of the best friends of my life, and no matter how much we snipe at each other after living out of each others' pockets for too long, I wouldn't change them for the world.

I am obviously way too sentimental at the moment.

Fibro's good, depression's good, meds are driving me crazy because they make me swing between no sex drive (the norm) and being a wanton slut. Well, not so much, but to me it feels like it.
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my second to last semester was over. I start back up in January for the last time. I think when the last day rolled around I gave myself something of a panic attack, because no one can do denial like I can and that day just wasn'tcomingnothanksI'mjustfine. But now, my BA in psychology is officially done. I did my thesis and got an 85 - not as high as I'd thought I'd do, and it ended up meaning I got a B+ in the class, which pissed me off, but I'm done. Next semester I get to do ANOTHER thesis, this time for my Honors program, but thankfully, I already have the topic and the general methods outlined. Other than that, I need to take two classes for my minor (Criminal Procedure and Victimology), finish my music major by finishing up the applied performance and lessons credits, and take my IDS (the required senior seminar on interdisciplinary studies). If I can fit it in, I want to either take German IV or audit the class. I'm psychotic. Maybe all this downtime during winter break will remind me that I honestly need more of a rest during the school year.

Grades for this semester are as follows:
Sex Offenders - A-
German III - A-
Piano I - A-
Lessons - A
Band - passed
Music History - B+ (also pissed about this one, can I never actually keep an A when I get it midsemester?)
History and Contemporary Issues (psychology capstone/thesis class) - B+
Leaving me with a 3.57 GPA. I can do better.

And the schedule for next semester:
Criminal Procedure
Piano II
Honors Thesis
Harlem Renaissance (IDS, but hopefully changing to Arab and Islamic Feminism)
German IV (if I can possibly fit it in)

In other news, the whole 'cold and sunless' thing winter loves to pull is really grating on my depression. I'm getting even less motivated recently, and that's not a good thing. It's becoming a challenge to wake myself up at decent hours, and I'm pretty sure I've already skipped my medication a couple times this week. Thankfully, cold is actually good for my fibromyalgia, so that's one thing out of the way for right now. Bad news is that my anxiety and near-paranoia are also controlled by the medication so I have been having something of an upswing in those areas. I really need to get my shit sorted out, maybe I can write more over the break and try to keep myself busy. My room definitely needs to be cleaned...
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Wow, I've been absent. Don't worry, I haven't died. I went offline around the time LJ had that long-ass bot attack or whatever, and then it was time to go back to school. I'm a busy bee this semester. Courses include:

History and Contemporary Issues (Psychology capstone class)
Music History 1, Ancient to Baroque
Accompaniment Lab
Piano 1
German 201, Intermediate
Sex Offenders

Blah. I have big projects due in three of the classes, including an experiment in the psych class that's going to take the entire semester. My eyes are already crossing.

At least the apartment is good. All issues with the roommates seem to be out in the open and talked over, so we're better than we have been in over a year. It's a good feeling. These two are my best friends here, and I refuse to lose them because we were just too in each others' space. But now we all have separate rooms (and BATHROOMS!!! Did you know you could have your own bathroom? I've never had one!) and our schedules are so crazy we're actively trying to fit in time to hang out. This Friday, fall break begins, so we'll have time to unwind from the school stress and be even better when we come back.

But enough complaining! How is everyone here, my beauties?

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