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I forgot that I hadn't posted it here, but I have a job! And it's even in my field! I now work for Mosaic Community Services, a non-profit specializing in mental health and addiction. I'm a psychiatric rehabilitation counselor (not a therapist, so I don't have to be licensed), running groups and managing a case load of 18 people. My big job is running the groups, but I also work with my 18 clients to come up with goals and help them try to reach them. I've been working for 3 weeks (tomorrow is my fourth Monday there) and I'm already a little worn down. I understand even more now why there's so much burnout and such a high turn over rate in this field.

Currently watching the USA v. El Salvador right now. If I could, I would be downtown watching it live (because it's at our football field, dammit!), but I already got to go to the USA v. Germany friendly in DC at the beginning of June.

I also recently rewatched the entirety of Kamen Rider Double/W, and finally finished Kamen Rider OOO. I'd put it off for so long, and I was appropriately heart broken by the ending. Also, I've become a huge fan of Miura Ryosuke because of this. I've seen a bit of Fourze, but I'm not as interested in it or Wizard as I was with the other two. I'll give them a chance, though.

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