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anyone of our friend group has an idea this stupid, they're getting a punch in the nose.

So I'm part of the Guilford Film Society, mostly because I love movies, but also because my friend is the founder and president. One of our projects is for the Homegrown Film Festival, and it's that everyone either makes a film or is involved somehow in someone else's. The bright idea of Becca (my roommate)" and Aaron's (founder/president) roommate Clay was that we stay for a night in our music building, which is supposedly haunted by three ghosts. Somehow, they got four other people in our group to agree - Aaron, me, Brandon (Aaron's other roommate) and Nina (Brandon's girlfriend) - and we went to the Dean of Students, who agreed and tried to get as many things open for us as possible. We were supposed to have the auditorium open, but a day before some woman from Pubic Safety said no to everything and we had to say we'd be fine not having the auditorium and going in at a later time to make room for a con, so the second idea was to get the attic and basement open. That was a go literally until we walked in the building at 12.30 Saturday morning, when we were informed that the same woman had just called and vetoed us getting either room open. So damn.

But, we set up camp and Becca and Clay went out on their own, the others split into pairs, and we stayed out for 15 minutes. Nothing happened to me in particular during this time, but two other people saw or heard something. Over the next four hours, everyone heard unexplainable noised; we were all trying to rationalize, and several things we could, but others... I'm just saying. We left at 4:30 because no one could fall asleep and we heard two voices talking outside the room we were in. Public Safety was not there. All the lights were off.

Let's just say we got some good footage. We want to go back and get better permission for the auditorium, attic, and basement because we're masochistic IDIOTS! but, in or defense, it's not a new stupid idea, really.

Now watching the Superbowl after a day spent watching Chelsea vs. Liverpool and Real Madrid vs. Real Sociedad. Go Real!! I'm sorry Torres didn't score because it would've done a lot for his confidence, but I loved that the Liverpool players were really warm to him, and Cole patted him when he was subbed out. Right now, it's GO PACKERS!!! You're not my favorite, but anyone other than the Steelers is good by me.

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