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So, went out and got The Awakened Mage (Innocence Lost outside the US/UK) last Friday, finished it on Tuesday. On Tuesday, I think I read about 410 pages. Yeesh. All in all, it amounts to 1350 or so in about 8 days. Take that, college drag! I thought I'd have so much trouble getting back into reading, since college has kinda killed it for me in the last couple years, but nope! It was a great book, though the reviews I read were right: she does spend a lot of time on the build up, and then the climax to ending goes by in about 50 pages. The characters broke my heart and only somewhat patched it up, but I understand why she did it. I would recommened these two to people needing something to pass the time; it's not the best thing fantasy has ever given mankind, but the characters and the world are thoroughly enjoyable, engrossing, and original. Even the parts you can see as universal Karen Miller makes her own. Nothing about it is very bland, though the fight scenes could do with some work. I hope someone picks this up, cuz I would love to have someone to talk about it with!

Next up, I've decided, is Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh. This one is historical fiction set in India and the Indian Ocean around the 1830s; a rag-tag group of people come together aboard a ship and come to think of themselves as ship-brothers. Apparently it's the first of a trio, but the rest haven't been released yet. I actually started reading it in a bookstore in Germany, got it that Christmas, and read up to page 100 or so before abandoning it. At this point I've decided just to start over. I'm excited :). I have a list of books I want to look into now (most of them fantasy, I think) and a list of ones I have that I need to read.

To look into:
The Bartimaeus Trilogy
The Dark is Rising
Coldfire Trilogy

To read:
Sea of Poppies
American Gods
Prozac Nation
The Kite Runner
A Thousand Splendid Suns
Slaughterhouse Five
A Long Way Down

...Yeah, there are a lot more I need to get to before I buy anything else. Wish me luck!

Also, got tickets for when Real Madrid comes to play Philadelphia Union on July 23!!! I'm sooooo excited!!! This month is internationals month, especially this week and next week, so that's keeping me busy outside reading and interning with Habitat.

Also recently (two Saturdays ago?) went over to see two of my best friends and watched Doctor Who and Community and slept over. It was awesome. We haven't had a bond session in forever, so we were talking so much we probably didn't get some throw-away line that's going to come back and be what the entire season story line hinges on. I'll be going back to watch it again soon.

Had to go to the doctor's to get a B12 shot today. When my bloodwork was done a couple weeks ago, it showed I was really low in that and it was probably the reason I was so exhausted and why my fibro pains were more annoying than usual. It hurt :( but hopefully that'll help for a week or two. Now the option is either getting that every month or whatever, or taking a big vitamin everyday. Joy, the options I have.

Ummm, I think that's it!

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