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Honestly almost threw up during the Champions League match today!!!

I will say upfront that I was surprised Nani got a red card, but I don't think it's entirely unjustified. That was dangerous play, no argument. When the same thing happened in the World Cup final, I thought that should have been a red (despite the fact that I wanted Spain to lose for beating Germany). I don't believe Nani meant to hit Arbeloa (like De Jong did, I feel), but the ref isn't inside his head, and a studs up karate kick to the chest should have serious consequences. I was surprised, though, especially since De Jong got away with a yellow in South Africa.

But whatever! I'll be over here in my corner yelling that we totally could have come back and won even without the card. We were looking livelier, and I think the goal definitely woke us up. A substantial amount of the game was played in United's half. And I think it says something that even their goal was scored by us. They had a multitude of chances, even with 10 men, and the finishing was lacking. Plus, Diego Lopez was a godsend. I love Adan, and he's pulled through for us before, but I don't really think he could have made all of those saves.
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Watched the Champions League final today, but was disappointed. Then again, it was between two teams I dislike so it was really a game of pick-your-poison. Barca ended up winning, which makes me gag, but this was a clean game so I will wish them congratulations. They were the better team after ManU lost steam in the middle third and couldn't gear it back up. David Villa finally scored again, and since Torres broke both their ducks last time they had a drought, maybe he can do the same? Spain's strikers are having a bad run as of late (except for Raul, that flawless man).

Also, I was highly entertained by Sergio Busquets finally having something to actually cry about. I feel like a bad person, but I suppose, I'm hardly worse than him :P
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Just finished reading my first book for pleasure in a looooong while. I think the last one was The Book Thief (absolutely amazing book, by the way, and I can't express how highly I recommend it. Ironically, I read it right after getting back from Germany *headdesk*), and I bought that winter of 2009. Yeesh. School took over my life for a while, and then my horrible job, and then an even more brutal year, what with classes, my OCD spiking, getting a new med added, all that fun stuff. But this summer it looks like I'll just be interning, so it's a bit more relaxed.

Anyway, the new book is Innocent Mage by Karen Miller. I finished it after three or four days and I really liked it. In fact, I finished it today and went straight out to buy the sequel Awakened Mage (apparently outside the US/UK it's known as Innocence Lost). Already I'm 70 or so pages in, only going to sleep now because my eyes are crossing. Apparently my B12 is very low, meaning I got yelled at over email by one of my doctors /o\. Sadness. Innocent Mage focuses on the characters of Asher and Gar, along with a host of supporting and periphery characters. Two races of people, one magical and one not, try to coexist peacefully within a kingdom after the magical race fled a bloody tyranny and conquered the land. Now, the non-magical race is subservient, but there is a host of people who wait for one of theirs to come and fulfill a prophecy that heralds the Final Days. Asher, a fisherman, meets Gar, prince of the kingdom, and the two form an unlikely friendship that crosses race and culture to rival that of brothers. With the Final Days coming, it will be all that they can count on.

That above is my own summary, because I know some of my followers are interested in fantasy. It's pretty well written, though I can't judge much from the sequel since I've just started. I know that I've come to love most of the characters and have a deep attachment now to Gar and Asher. I also like the woman slated for the love interest roll, even when her flaws make me grit my teeth and hurt my jaw. None of the characters are written as perfect, she exposes flaws and virtues in all of them and creates a very rich cast with a very rich historical backdrop. Personally, I'm very excited to get through this book :). After, I think I'll start on either American Gods by Neil Gaiman or The Plot Against America by Phillip Roth.
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So, I just watched the last ep of Kamen Rider Double/W.

Kill Me Now... )

I do not have a sufficiently angsty icon for this post (or even a toku one *horror*), so we'll have to go with a nature scene that's... heartbreakingly beautiful?
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Since mariko got me thinking about this, I've been obsessing over who my favorite toku females are. I am rather famous in my household for disliking many Western television female characters. There are notable exceptions, such as Whedon ladies, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (see icon), and just Terminator in general, Ruby 1.0 from Supernatural, many of the Stargate ladies, etc. But for each of them, there are 10 Bella Swans (sorry Twilight fans, I gave the first movie a try, but you lost me). I hate female characters who are always sitting on men's laps, being carried around, generally being reduced to acting as the child of the relationship, and who are willing to kill themselves when the man is gone. Juliet, I am not. SO, here are some uplifting examples of toku awesomeness.

Picspam FTW! )
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I have now finished Kamen Rider Kabuto!! I really do like that series, especially the way that the relationship between Kagami and Tendou changed throughout the series, as well as Hiyori's relationships with both of them. I actually do not detest her, which is an achievement on the part of the actress and the writers, since I have a rather legendary dislike of female television characters. Maybe it's because the series managed to stay away from making her a love interest... Now there's an idea.

I was also able to watch the movie, and the little Gattack short, so I can say I've seen everything (I think...?). The movie was an interesting AU, though I wish it had been longer to expound more on the relationships of people without Hiyori having to be the one thing that really connected the other big characters.

And the latest W... I can't even say anything. I'm just holding out for SOME type of reunion next ep. Why does Sunday have to be so far away?!

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