Nov. 10th, 2012 11:13 pm
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DC United is going to the Eastern Conference Championship! That game versus the New York Red Bulls was one of the more extraordinary MLS games I've ever seen. Both of the teams were going all out, it was great to watch. I do feel bad for Bill Hamid, as he seemed to be so sure the the NY player dived and he had been such a hero throughout the season, and I felt awful for the back-up goalkeeper to come in to save a penalty like that. Made me think of the game 2 seasons ago (I think?) when Iker got kicked out, and Adan came in to save the penalty. This guy didn't save the first pen, but the ref made them retake it because of encroachment, and he saved the second. And then DC pulled ahead and it was all over. Beautiful.

I may get to see Skyfall tomorrow, too! I already ship 00Q, basically since the trailer, it's bad. Maybe it'll give me something more to think about than Sernando once I see it :P.
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I'm still so tired for staying up so late last night! With the dishes and other chores, I didn't go to bed until past 4. This wouldn't have been a problem, previously, but I've actually had a decent sleep schedule recently (meaning I go to bed at around 1...). But Maryland approved same-sex marriage!!! We'd technically already had a law on the books, but when it passed, the religious right protested so much and got Congresspeople behind them, so the Governor and Congress agreed to let it go to referendum. And we became the first state to ratify a law by popular vote! We also passed the DREAM Act, so that's good news for students of illegal immigrants. I just... I could have cried when I changed the channel and saw that Obama had reached 274 electoral votes. My dad actually did get choked up. We were honestly so scared about the way the country would have gone if Mitt Romney were elected. It wouldn't have been terrible if it were the Romney of 8 years ago, though I still would have preferred Obama. But the Tea Party has the Republican party hostage, and it's been sick watching the TPs get more and more power. Who knows, Obama has nothing to lose now. Maybe he'll just bulldoze forward and drag Congress along behind him...

Games today: Chelsea vs. Shaktar Donetsk, DC United vs. NY Red Bulls postponed until tomorrow because of blizzard conditions, Sporting Kansas City vs. Houston Dynamo came on in it's place, and LA Galaxy vs. SJ Earthquakes. Chelsea was a fucking amazing game, and Torres scored! He had a couple really promising moments throughout the game, but the Shaktar players just swarmed him. They were top quality tonight, which surprised me, because, Ukraine? Ukraine doesn't have an impressive league. But they were great, really took it to Chelsea and the match was really a tug of war. And then I turned on the MLS Cup matches...

Small rant

Nov. 3rd, 2012 09:46 pm
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I love DC United and LA Galaxy, but I swear, I can't wait to see when MLS actually gets to the level of European soccer. It's good for us that we're bringing in talent like Beckham, Henry, and Arnie Friedrich, even if they are older, and we are keeping players like Landon Donovan, who feel loyal to MLS and want it to succeed, because we need that quality. But I can't take it seriously when the form is so... not there sometimes. Other times, it can be pretty good, like with LA Galaxy, they're rather consistent, but they aren't MY team.

Sorry, I'm watching the MLS Cup Playoffs - Eastern Conference Semifinal Leg 1 - and just really wanting DC to have more consistent form. It hurts how often if can falter.

Oh, and Real's win today? Sweeeet. But Cristiano was pissed at the end :(. He was unlucky, especially during the first half, but I think he was more furious at himself than anything. Uuugh, baby!

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