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We had the weirdest day today. One of our new clients, who is an absolute pain in my ass, but whatever, got PISSED because we told her she didn't have a psychiatry appointment today (she didn't). Because she wouldn't lower her voice so that either S or I could tell her that maybe she could call the clinic or her service coordinator herself, she went on a rant about how much she hated any and all the staff here, we weren't doing our jobs, and she was leaving. She's threatened this several times before, which is surprising, actually, since she hasn't been here that long at all. But anyway, she walked away and we just shrugged it off, because she looked like she was going to sit down, and we couldn't stop her from leaving anyway.

Well, S got a call at about 10:30 from the head of this client's house, telling S that someone from our center needed to go down to the fire station a block away to pick up said client, because she was ranting to the firemen about how horrible we were. S went with our boss to get her, but when they get there, the firemen state that they called the paramedics to take her to the hospital because she reported that she fell here and broke her arm, and then proceeded to show them.

She does not have a broken arm. Or, well, she HAD a broken arm that healed badly years ago (as far as we've been able to gather, because the story keeps changing), and now it bends every way and looks like a knotted up hose. She showed this to them, and they got her sent to a local hospital.

So many things were ridiculous about that whole scenario, starting with the fact that the housing coordinator should have gone to pick her up herself rather than passing the buck. But honestly, the whole thing was absurd and something I will point to and laugh for a long while. Then I had to convince two of my coworkers that horses could swim, and the idea that I'd swam with horses and swam on while on horseback was enough to fry their brains and made them think that the entire experience was a drug trip. Everyone else backed me up, so there.

Finally, at lunch time, a client told me and two of my coworkers that black women gave birth using their colons.

Most days, I can safely say I love my job.

Going to see GotG tomorrow, then it's the pseudo-bachelorette party for a coworker, and then we leave for NC on Sunday morning and I get a week off of work :). It'll be a busy few days.
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